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Sejong Expands Medical Treatment Subsidies for Pets and Pet-sitting

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SEJONG, Nov. 10 (Korea Bizwire)The administrative city of Sejong is coming up with various plans to support residents with pets.

The city government announced Wednesday that it will provide subsidies to basic welfare beneficiaries, persons with severe disabilities and seniors in single households for keeping their pets healthy.

For each pet per household, the city will cover up to 80 percent of all expenditures related to medical treatment and vaccinations for pets. Each pet will receive subsidies of up to 200,000 won (US$145).

The city will provide subsidies to a total of 55 pets.


The city has been providing subsidies for pet sitting, paying 20,000 won per pet for up to four days, as part of efforts to prevent disputes between residents caused by animal noise while pet owners are absent for an extended period.

For Sejong residents sending a small pet to a pet-sitting center for three days where accommodation costs 30,000 won per day, the city will cover 60,000 won out of the total price of 90,000 won.

The pet owners will only have to pay for the remaining 30,000 won.

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