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Starbucks Store Renovations Incorporate Traditional Altar Motifs


SEOUL, June 18 (Korea Bizwire)A Starbucks store in Seoul’s downtown Sogong-dong has completed renovations based on the design of Hwangudan, the neighborhood’s most representative cultural heritage site.

Hwangudan is a three-story altar built in 1897 when King Gojong of the Joseon Dynasty proclaimed the Korean Empire.

Tables for the coffee machines and the pillars inside the store were redesigned to resemble the bricks that form the altar’s main gate.


A display case for various Starbucks products on sale followed suit of the design of Hwanggungu, a three-storied octagonal shrine built next to the altar.

The store incorporated traditional design in the seating area, the sitting mats, and curtains that resemble traditional fittings.

The Cultural Heritage Administration explained that the intent was for visitors to be able to experience the values of Hwangudan by incorporating the spirit of cultural heritage into the store’s design.


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