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Stay Healthy by Kicking the Korean-style Jegi Shuttlecock


ULSAN, April 2 (Korea Bizwire)Ulsan Metropolitan City is promoting a special campaign to improve citizens’ health by urging them to kick jegi, a Korean-style shuttlecock. The city government expects that the campaign will contribute to the prevention of obesity and chronic diseases. For the campaign, the city will place 22 jegi boxes around the city in frequently visited places like parks and multi-use facilities, and distribute 10,000 jegi to schools and companies.

Kicking jegi is a Korean traditional outdoor game, popular among Korean children who play alone or with friends in the winter. A jegi looks like a badminton shuttlecock, made of a small coin and cloth. Players kick the jegi up in the air, and keep juggling it with their feet to prevent it from falling to the ground. The player with the most number of kicks wins the game.

For adults, kicking jegi is good way to release stress and lose weight. As a whole body exercise, it improves cardio pulmonary function, reduces abdominal obesity and increases quickness and endurance. For kids, it helps growth by stimulating growth plates and realigning their spines.



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