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VANK Launches AR Filter Celebrating Jikji’s Historical Significance on Jikji Day

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SEOUL, Sept. 5 (Korea Bizwire) — The Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (VANK), a cyber diplomacy mission, has officially unveiled an augmented reality (AR) filter designed to share the profound historical significance of Jikji with the world. This launch took place on September 4, recognized as Jikji Day.


Jikji holds the distinction of being the world’s oldest known metal type printed book, dating back to 1377 and originating from the Heungdeoksa Temple in Cheongju City. Remarkably, Jikji predates the Gutenberg 42-line Bible by an impressive 78 years.

In recognition of its cultural significance, UNESCO bestowed World Heritage Site status upon Jikji on September 4, 2001, with Cheongju City officially declaring this day as “Jikji Day” two years later.


Cheongju is steeped in history and is renowned as the birthplace of Jikji and Heungdeoksa Temple. This rich historical context has naturally led the city to become a hub for the study of metal type and its influential contributions to human history.


Of particular interest is the Printing Museum located in Cheongju. This museum offers a captivating experience by showcasing historical printing techniques and their tangible outcomes in an engaging and enjoyable manner.


The AR filter introduced by VANK takes the form of a Jikji-shaped frame, with the poignant inscription “Jikji, a hidden hero that changed world history.” This filter empowers individuals to capture images with Jikji as the backdrop, anytime and anywhere they choose.

To encourage participation, VANK has initiated an exciting event, offering prizes to those who capture photos or videos using the filter and share them on their Instagram Stories, Releases, or Feed while tagging the VANK account. Following a lottery draw among participants, the lucky winner will receive a Korean cultural heritage promotion kit. The deadline for participation is set for September 15.


Park Ki-tae, a representative of VANK, expressed their hopes that this initiative will inspire people to create visual content with the Jikji filter and, in doing so, provoke reflection on the profound significance and enduring value of Jikji in shaping world history.

Image credit: Cheongju Early Printing Museum, Yonhap, Bibliothèque nationale de France /

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