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Western Coast Guard’s Tetris Challenge Gains Popularity


MOKPO, July 22 (Korea Bizwire)The Korean Coast Guard’s ‘Tetris Challenge’ created to promote Coast Guard activities is gaining popularity on social media.

The Western Regional Coast Guard Headquarters began a Tetris Challenge where different departments take turns introducing equipment and staff.

Starting with pictures of the Gunsan Coast Guard Rescue Team posted on July 10, the Mokpo Rotary Wing Unit posted photos of helicopters and pilots on July 14. On July 17, a substation in Wando posted pictures of its staff and equipment.

The Coast Guard collected all videos and photos from the challenge and shared them with the public via their official website and YouTube.


The promotion came back with passionate responses from YouTubers, followers, and other netizens, many of whom agreed that it worked as a chance to better understand the Coast Guard and its responsibilities and applauded their efforts to protect the lives and properties of South Korean citizens at sea.

The Western Regional Coast Guard HQ plans to hold four more similar events in the future, introducing the Coast Guard’s police vessels, patrol aircraft and chemical filter unit.

The ‘Tetris Challenge’, of which the name derives from the 1980s classic computer game Tetris, involves various participants taking turns to post various pictures and photos of personnel and equipment laid out on the ground like Tetris pieces.


Image Credit: Western Regional Coast Guard Headquarters / photonews@koreabizwire.com

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