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Amazon Stands as No. 1 Player in Local Cloud Computing Market in 2021

(image: Korea Bizwire/Kobiz Media)

(image: Korea Bizwire/Kobiz Media)

SEOUL, Dec. 28 (Korea Bizwire)U.S.-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) remained the leading player in the South Korean market forcloud computing serviceslast year, the country’s antitrust regulator said Wednesday.

AWS accounted for 62.1 percent of the local cloud service market in 2021, down from 70 percent tallied in 2020, according to the data compiled by the Fair Trade Commission (FTC).

Microsoft Corp. followed with 12 percent last year, trailed by homegrown tech giant Naver Corp. with 7 percent, the data showed.

Google, which accounted for 3.5 percent of the market to stand as the third-largest player in 2019, dropped out from the top-three list in 2020.

The FTC said its survey showed that only 14 percent of local companies subscribing to cloud computing services changed their providers, citing difficulties in transferring data, along with other technical issues.

“Based on the latest report, the FTC plans to set anti-monopoly policies in the cloud market and seek effective measures to improve systems and promote competition,” the regulator said in a release.

“We plan to actively monitor any activities that can hinder competition or give disadvantages to local clients in the cloud market.”


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