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Ansan Installs Spray-type ‘Unmanned Disinfector’ on Buses


ANSAN, July 15 (Korea Bizwire)The city government in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province has decided to install ultra-fine particle spray-type unmanned disinfectors on buses as part of efforts to minimize the ratio of COVID-19 cases with unknown infection origin.

Starting from Wednesday, the city government installed the unmanned disinfectors on 16 city buses, each of which is used by more than 500 citizens per day on average.


The unmanned disinfectors spray 7 micron ultra-fine particles. Once charged with a disinfectant of 500-milliliter, they can spray up to 40 times.

The disinfectant is sprayed at the halfway points on the bus route when there are no passengers.

“Ultra-fine particle disinfectant is smaller than mist and can disinfect all corners of the buses within five minutes,” a city official said.

Image Credit: Ansan City Government /

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