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Bayshore Networks Launches Industry’s First Industrial Cyber Protection (ICP) Platform

(image: Korea Bizwire)

(image: Korea Bizwire)


BETHESDA, Md., May 2 (Korea Bizwire) — Bayshore Networks, the leading provider of cyber protection for industrial infrastructure, today announced the availability of the Bayshore Industrial Cyber Protection (ICP) platform, the industry’s first comprehensive solution aimed at stopping cyber threats before they can damage critical industrial assets and systems, and allowing secure connection to the industrial internet of things (IIoT).

Several recent surveys have cited lack of industrial cybersecurity as limiting the broad scale implementation of the Industrial Internet. According to a Morgan Stanley/Automation World survey1, concerns over cybersecurity was listed as the number one challenge to IIoT adoption.

According to Gartner, “Lack of security posture and asset visibility, ineffective security countermeasures, and compliance and interoperability issues are key concerns slowing security adoption in IIoT. Security and risk management leaders in charge of IIoT must adopt pragmatic strategies to overcome these challenges.”2

The Bayshore ICP platform delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities required to protect and defend against sophisticated, complex attack systems. Bayshore empowers industrial enterprises with safe and efficient production, operational insights, and improved business outcomes, while blocking cyber threats to industrial plants, machinery, and people. Identifying and protecting against cyber threats is a mandatory first step before connecting factories, electric grids, and other industrial infrastructure to the Industrial Internet.

“The Bayshore Industrial Cyber Protection platform helps industrial enterprises to establish wide-ranging, best-practice protection strategies,” said Mike Dager, Bayshore CEO. “This breakthrough technology enables customers to deploy preventative, defense-in-depth security approaches that stop industrial cyber threats before they start, and to unlock the business benefits and operational efficiencies heralded by the Industrial Internet.”

Empowering Industrial Enterprises

The Bayshore ICP platform is designed to support customers throughout the entire industrial cyber protection life cycle, leading to improved business outcomes. The journey begins with mapping networks assets and progresses to identifying anomalies, preventing attacks and incidents, optimizing business efficiencies, and finally, to enabling innovation and digital transformation, such as creating new revenue sources and product markets.

The Bayshore Industrial Cyber Protection platform

The comprehensive industrial cyber protection platform uniquely offers customers a long-term solution by providing the following capabilities and features in a single, tightly integrated, extensible, and scalable architecture:


  • Discovery – non-disruptive, automated identification and inventory of devices, networks, and systems throughout the Operational Technology (OT) environment delivers actionable visibility and reporting. 
  • Detection – real-time monitoring and deep content filtration of industrial protocols offers actionable insights by identifying changes to assets and traffic, anomalies from baseline behavior, and violations of specific pre-established policies.


  • Prevention – active alerting and optional blocking of offending communication and commands prevent cyber threats from affecting targeted objects and data. Because Bayshore operates at wire speed, and protection is provided at a fine-grained transaction level, authorized traffic continues to flow unimpeded allowing normal operations to continue even in the face of ongoing cyberattacks.


  • Optimization – Conversion of industrial data into formats consumable by business analytics programs supports digital transformation and Six Sigma process improvement initiatives, including reductions in cost, waste, energy consumption, and improvements in safety, efficiency, quality, and timeliness.
  • Innovation – Extending protection outside the plant, Bayshore can establish trusted communication channels with outside entities, while controlling the content communicated over those channels. Third party contractors, for instance, can be allowed remote access to a specific machine, while their interactions with that machine can be policy protected to prevent unauthorized activity. In the same way, communication with external partners, suppliers and service providers can be established and controlled, allowing secure confident connection to the Industrial Internet.

For more information on the Bayshore Industrial Cyber Protection platform, visit

Managed Remote Access and Industrial Internet Connectivity

Bayshore’s Managed Remote Access solution, which fully utilizes the Bayshore ICP platform, goes beyond traditional VPNs to create an on-demand, encrypted, policy-protected, bi-directional tunnel between remote users and industrial infrastructure. Not only is access limited to authorized users and assets, but administrators have complete control over actions taken via the link. Because the solution enforces authentication, authorization, content policy, and other security controls at the device command and individual transaction level, administrators can safely permit 3rd party vendors to monitor, manage, or troubleshoot specific pre-authorized assets, using pre-approved commands, while ensuring that an individual vendor’s access, visibility, and control is blocked elsewhere in the infrastructure.

Bayshore is leading development of a secure Industrial Internet

Bayshore is taking an active industry leadership role working with partners and customers to create a secure Industrial Internet. Bayshore is the only industrial cyber protection vendor to be a founding member of the Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry project. Bayshore is also a leading participant in the Industrial Internet Consortium. Additionally, Bayshore is partnering with Yokogawa, along with Foghorn, Telit, and Microsoft in developing Yokogawa’s innovative Industrial IoT architecture, where cyber protection is proving critical.

For more information about Bayshore’s leadership in securing the Industrial Internet please visit:

1 Morgan Stanley report, “Insight: Cloud Control – The Future of Industrial Automation”
2 Gartner, Pragmatic Strategies to Improve Industrial IoT Security, 07 November 2016

About Bayshore Networks
Bayshore Networks is the leading provider of industrial cyber protection. The Company’s award-winning Bayshore Industrial Cyber Protection platform unlocks the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), providing enterprises with unprecedented visibility into their Operational Technology infrastructure while safely and securely protecting ICS systems, industrial applications, networks, machines, and workers from cyber threats. Bayshore’s strategic partners include among others Arista, AT&T, BAE, Cisco, Dell, SAP, VMware, and Yokogawa. Bayshore is a privately held company headquartered in Washington, DC and backed by Trident Capital Cybersecurity, Yokogawa, Samsung Next, and BGV Capital. For more information, visit

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