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Biz Group Says Disclosure of Samsung’ Workplace Environment Details Should Be Lmited

(image: Samsung Electronics)

(image: Samsung Electronics)

SEOUL, Apr. 15 (Korea Bizwire)A local business lobby said on Sunday the possible disclosure of Samsung Electronics Co.’s workplace environmental assessment report, which was demanded by former workers due to health concerns, should be limited so as to protect sensitive trade secrets.

Former workers suffering from illnesses have been demanding the South Korean tech giant to publicly disclose the chemicals used in its chip and display productions.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy plans to convene a panel meeting of semiconductor experts on Monday to determine whether the report includes key national technologies that need to be protected.

“Any secrets related to companies’ management and operation should be protected,” the Korea Employers Federation (KEF) said in a statement.

The KEF said although it is necessary to reveal information regarding potential hazards for workers, other details, including the structure and distribution of facilities, or the name of chemical products, should be kept secret as rivals can take advantage of such data.

The KEF added that South Korean law stipulates that chip and display technologies should be protected, claiming the leakage of related information can result in massive losses for the country’s economy.

“There should be stricter judgment regarding public disclosure of the workplace environment assessment report for a workplace that holds the country’s key technology, as stipulated by the industrial technology protection law,” the KEF said.


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