Canine ‘Athletes’ Make Splash at Gwangju Swimming Competition | Be Korea-savvy

Canine ‘Athletes’ Make Splash at Gwangju Swimming Competition


GWANGJU, Jun. 24 (Korea Bizwire)The 2019 FINA World Championships will be held in Gwangju in July, and the country’s hard-working canine athletes will participate.

The city of Gwangju hosted a national dog swimming competition Saturday at Chosun University in hopes of a successful World Championship.

The dogs gathered from all over the country participated in various events, including diving competitions and picnics.

The diving competition, which pitted 20 dogs against each other, was scored depending on how far, high and beautifully the animal dove, and how well it held a ball or disc thrown by the owner.

Viewers were delighted at the spectacle of the dogs bravely jumping into the water or attempting to muster up the courage to jump, only to return to their owners.


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