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Chinese Variety Shows Encouraged to Reflect Socialism

A scene from the Chinese version of 'Running man'. (Image : Yonhap)

A scene from the Chinese version of ‘Running man’. (Image : Yonhap)

Shanghai, July 24 (Korea Bizwire)With the prevalence of Korean and American reality shows in China, the Chinese government issued guidelines to develop reality show formats that contain “the core values of socialism.”

Even though the Chinese versions of Korean reality TV shows such as ‘Where are we going dad’, ‘Running man’ and ‘I am a singer’ are doing very well, the government’s actions could cast influence on future exports of Korean TV show formats.

Xinhuanet  announced on July 23 that the policy division in charge of TV broadcasting in China, the National Newspaper Publishing and Photoelectricity Administration Office, sent broadcasters a written notice indicating that they should produce programs that reflect the core values of socialism and the exquisite traditional culture of China.

In addition, broadcasters were encouraged to refrain from making programs that have a disjunction between the pleasure they display and what people perceive in real life, rejecting all elements of materialism, bravado and obscenity.

Recently, TV show formats that were imported from Korea and America, or coproduced with the countries who produced the original, have been attracting a large number of viewers, but some programs have been criticized because of their sensational and vulgar content.

Authorities have pointed out areas of concern. “Some programs only seek high ratings, making a big deal over something mediocre. They also encourage a tendency towards extravagance throughout society. Programs containing excessive entertainment and coarse content are not advisable.”

As such, celebrities or personalities that have a history with drugs, adultery, or drunken driving will be banned from making appearances on reality shows.

Also, the trend of popular celebrities requiring high payment making special appearances on the shows to draw attention will be regulated. Authorities suggested mixing celebrities and ordinary people in a similar proportion.

Authorities also provided a vision of the role reality shows should play. “Reality shows should point out what is wrong in the world with a positive and enterprising attitude. Also, they should suggest constructive solutions for social problems. We prohibit actions that aggravate conflict in society or fabricate stories with fictional details.”

Additionally, the authorities implied that they plan to set restrictions on buying foreign TV show formats and producing localized Chinese versions. “Producers should have pride in Chinese culture and show their insights when planning new programs.”

As a result of the Chinese government’s policies, concerns are arising that the Korean wave of variety shows, led by the remaking of Korean TV show formats, will subside.

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