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COVID-19 Vaccinations Reach Residents of Remote Island

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JINDO, June 15 (Korea Bizwire)Residents of Gasa Island in Jindo County, 472 kilometers south of Seoul where there are no hospitals or medical clinics, gave a nervous smile when they showed up at the island’s docks on Monday morning to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations.

They were helped by sailors as they went aboard the Navy’s 4,500-ton Hansando ship, which is serving as a vaccination center.

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After a 15-minute drive along the coast to reach the ship, the residents climbed up a ladder to enter the vaccination center set up next to a hangar.

During the unprecedented series of onboard vaccinations, residents were seen wearing safety helmets as they received inoculations. Some of them were seen thanking the medical staff.

A total of 639 residents of Gasa Island will receive vaccinations onboard the Hansando by June 30.

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