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Cute Dances of Kids Acting at “Dad! Where Are We Going?”

SEOUL, Aug. 22 (Korea Bizwire)In a TV commercial, Kim Min-yul, Yoon Hoo and Lee Jun-soo showed their cute dances. The three kids are fixture at MBC’s entertainment program “Dad! Where Are We Going?”

The commercial begins with precocious facial expressions of Min-yul and shows the natural acts of the three kids putting unnecessary items into a “Lightheartedness” box.

From Min-yul’s a bit naughty dance to Hoo’s comic dance and to Jun-soo’s “killer smile,” the TV commercial transmits happiness virus to the viewers with their delightful and lovely appearances.

The “Lightheartedness Project” of Samsung Card is one of the campaigns the credit card issuer is promoting aimed at people to begin a light life by discarding unnecessary items in their lives.

Last year, the card company started another campaign titled “7 Seconds for Practical Use” urging its customers to think once again before purchasing something if they really need it, unlike other card companies luring more consumption in an effort to differentiate itself from others.

How about appreciating the lovely video clip punching out our stresses from daily lives?

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