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Elemental Ushers in the Future of Software-Defined Video

Elemental video processing software now runs on multiple processing architectures -- appliances, blade, VM and cloud. (Graphic: Elemental /Business Wire)

Elemental video processing software now runs on multiple processing architectures — appliances, blade, VM and cloud. (image: Elemental /Business Wire)

PORTLAND, Ore. April. 5, 2014–(Korea Bizwire)–Elemental Technologies, the leading supplier of software-defined  video solutions for multiscreen content delivery, today announced  that its video processing software runs on multiple processing  architectures including appliances, blade solutions, virtual machines  and the cloud. The announcement frees customers around the world to  economically optimize infrastructure for their particular video  processing application.

Software-defined video (SDV) solutions take an infrastructure-agnostic  approach to implementing flexible, scalable and easily upgradable video  architectures. Unlike legacy solutions, this advancement allows video  providers to deploy software across an optimal combination of dedicated  and virtualized resources in both private and public data centers. In  enabling customers to use CPU-based configurations as well as its  award-winning GPU-accelerated video processing, recent updates to the  Elemental platform establish the benchmark in software-defined video by:

  • Allowing less compute-intensive applications, such as  single-stream encoding, to take advantage of Elemental’s platform  without the assist of graphic processors;
  • Providing broad geographical coverage with cloud-based  deployments, independent of available infrastructure in a specific  region or market;
  • Enabling virtualized operations for video processing where  shared hardware resources and blade-based systems are a critical  customer requirement; and
  • Saving operational costs by reallocating legacy systems to meet  future video processing requirements.

“The professional video production ecosystem is migrating from  traditional hardware- and facilities-based solutions to software-based  solutions running on virtual servers in data centers in private or  public clouds,” said Sam Rosen, practice director for ABI Research.  “Elemental’s multiscreen solutions have received wide adoption in  demanding applications, and the addition of more flexible  software-defined solutions will extend the value to major global video  providers.”

“Elemental’s investment to extend its platform is a direct result of  input from customers seeking to implement the most dynamic and scalable  video infrastructure possible,” said Aslam Khader, chief product officer  for Elemental. “In developing our patented software stack to support  additional architectures, Elemental is positioned to be the dominant  player in the software-defined video market.”

With support for multiple processing architectures, Elemental is  first-to-market with a hardware-agnostic platform that can run on a  customer’s deployment model of choice. The platform meets the needs of a  diverse customer base with flexible, scalable and powerful software that  is easily upgradable and allows for the repurposing of existing  equipment.

About Elemental

Elemental Technologies is the leading supplier of software-defined video  solutions for multiscreen content delivery. Founded in 2006 and  headquartered in Portland, Oregon, the company pioneered the use of  software-based video processing to distribute video over IP networks.  Solutions from Elemental provide the flexibility, scalability and  performance required to deliver high quality video via turnkey,  cloud-based and virtualized deployment models. Powering video  experiences for more than 400 leading media franchises worldwide,  Elemental helps pay TV operators, content programmers, broadcasters and  enterprise customers bring video to any screen, anytime – all at once.  The company has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom,  France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, China, Russia, India and Brazil. To  learn more, please visit www.elementaltechnologies.com  and follow @elementaltech  on Twitter.

Source: Elemental  (via BusinessWire)

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