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Food Companies Woo Health-conscious Consumers with Low Calorie Foods

Binggrae Co.'s "Beauty Inside" ice cream. (image: Binggrae)

Binggrae Co.’s “Beauty Inside” ice cream. (image: Binggrae)

SEOUL, Apr. 2 (Korea Bizwire)South Korean food companies are introducing low calorie ice creams, instant noodles and other products to meet demand from the growing number of health-conscious consumers, industry sources said Monday.

Binggrae Co. recently began marketing its “Beauty Inside” ice cream, which has 50 percent less sugar and 80 percent less fat than other ice creams.

A 110 milliliter Beauty Inside ice cream with natural sweeteners has only 70 kilocalories.

Lotte Confectionery Co. has also introduced a low calorie ice cream using natural sweeteners from chrysanthemum and stevia called “Light Angel”.

The ice cream has 12.5 grams of dietary fiber, and a pint of it has 280 kcal, about one-third the calories of an average serving of ice cream.

Nongshim has released a fermented noodle soup with shrimp that clocks in at 360 kcal, lower than the 500 kcal average for ramyeon.

And Pulmuone Foods Co. recently launched a 375-kcal “tonkotsu” ramyeon as part of its effort to satisfy the requirements of consumers wanting to remain trim and healthy.


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