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Forest Service Teams Up with Towns, Social Enterprises

(image: Kobiz Media)

(image: Kobiz Media)

DAEJEON, Jun. 8 (Korea Bizwire) The Korea Forest Service (KFS) will be pushing ahead with plans to foster local towns and social enterprises that take advantage of forest products.

The KFS revealed today that it will support 18 community and social enterprises this year, expanding the figure to include 212 enterprises by 2022.

According to this plan, 275 new jobs will be created this year alone thanks to the program.

Community enterprises are to be designated by Ministry of the Interior and Safety, looking to resolve economic disparities in local economies by pursuing a profit model based on local resources.

By creating new jobs and profit sources, the business model is intended to benefit the entire local community.

Social enterprises, also designated by the ministry, will help local communities by providing social services and jobs to socially disadvantaged individuals.

In order to qualify, interested villages must apply for the program, after which the government will provide a business plan that suits the village.

After relevant training is carried out, central government agencies will designate the village or social enterprise after an application is filed with the local government.

With the official government designation comes funding for establishing the town or social enterprise.

Towns that are vying to utilize forest resources will be supported via interagency cooperation. The KFS will be carrying out briefing sessions on how to borrow forest lands to start up enterprises.

Im Sang-seob, an official at the KFS, said that the measure is intended to nurture local economies by relying on forest resources.

“The new program will benefit local economies by injecting life into them and creating new jobs,” said Im.

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