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Gorosoe Sap Harvest Begins in Namwon, Amid Concerns Over Reduced Production and Falling Demand

Gorosoe Sap Harvest

NAMWON, Feb. 20 (Korea Bizwire) – The harvest season for gorosoe sap, a traditional Korean health drink known for its beneficial properties, has commenced in the Baemsagol area of the municipality of Namwon, North Jeolla Province, a primary production region.

Despite the start of the season, local farmers are facing concerns over potential decreases in production and a significant drop in orders due to the economic downturn

Gorosoe sap, valued for its high mineral and nutrient content, including calcium, potassium, and magnesium, is believed to be beneficial for bone health, diuresis, and reducing fatigue.

The harvesting in the Baemsagol area, situated at altitudes over 600 meters, involves tapping into around 70,000 trees.

Gorosoe Sap Harvest

According to the city of Namwon and a local agricultural cooperative, the sap collection began last week, facilitated by the recent warm weather creating ideal conditions for sap flow.

Despite a promising start with initial collections exceeding average yields, overall production is anticipated to decline.

The optimal temperatures for sap flow are night-time lows of -5 degrees Celsius and daytime highs around 10 degrees Celsius.

Gorosoe Sap Harvest


However, the recent daytime temperatures have been too high, around 15 degrees Celsius, which could potentially shorten the harvesting period if the warm weather persists. 

The economic slowdown has posed an even greater challenge, with current orders at the Bamsaegol Gorosoe Agricultural Cooperative reportedly only half of what they usually are.

This reduction in consumer spending is putting additional strain on local farmers, for whom gorosoe sap represents a significant source of off-season income, generating over 1 billion won annually for around 100 households in the Baemsagol area.

Gorosoe Sap Harvest

Local officials in Namwon have vouched for the high quality of Baemsagol gorosoe sap, highlighting its high sugar content and richness in minerals like calcium and manganese.

They encourage consumers to trust in the hygienic harvesting process and continue to support this traditional product.

Image credit: Yonhap, Namwon City / photonews@koreabizwire.com 

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