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Government Shutdown – UNITED SIKHS Opens Doors of SIKH Centers Across the Nation for Assistance

(image: Public Domain)

(image: Public Domain)


San Jose, California, Jan. 24 (Korea Bizwire) — UNITED SIKHS has initiated a Temporary National Assistance Program (TNAP) to assist the federal employees impacted  by the government shutdown. Today is the 34th day of the shutdown when more than 1,000,000 million federal employees, their families, our fellow countrymen and countrywomen are at the mercy of our elected leaders.  Inter-connected industries and society are feeling the aftermath of government inactivity.  Every American no matter their race, creed and gender have all been adversely impacted by the federal shutdown.  We request elected officials to diligently move forward to end the shutdown as it has dealt a severe blow to not only the economy but the social fabric of the nation. Now is the time for action. As stated by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now.”

UNITED SIKHS partners – the Sikh Gurdwaras across the nation, restaurant owners, community centers and other interfaith groups will provide temporary assistance in the form of food items (perishable and non-perishable) and emergency supplies as available and needed. Case managers will be available for assistance and a review of cases on an individual basis. Our case managers can be contacted at our twitter handle @UNITEDSIKHS and by messaging us on our FACEBOOK page.

Federal workers are showing up to work dutifully all the while aware they will not receive a paycheck. This is a heartbreaking situation which puts hundreds of thousands of families in peril and limbo. These consequences trickle down from consumerism to mental anguish to bearing a physical toll on one’s being.

We have started a National Assistance Program that will aid in easing some of the burdens that people are facing due to spillover effects onto our communities, our neighbors, our friends and our family. Click here to view our effort in New London, Connecticut.
“This is a great way to carry the Guru’s mission forward. We ask everyone to join us in this effort”, stated UNITED SIKHS Community Empowerment Education Director, Dr. Gurparkash Singh.

Gurvinder Singh, International Sikh Aid Director UNITED SIKHS said, “Our Sikh principles bound us to be involved, to watch out for our neighbors, to protect and assist anyone in need.  It is in our teachings that we derive this internal and external drive to serve anywhere need is needed, it is a part of our DNA”.

For Assistance: CALL UNITED SIKHS AT 1-888-243-1690

How will the Temporary National Assistance Program (TNAP) campaign work?
•  Bring your government ID to participating Gurdwaras and Sikh Food Bank locations. Contact us through UNITED SIKHS social media channels.
•  A warm meal may be served (optional), a pre-packed nutritional care package with food may be provided (optional), some monetary assistance may be available, in certain locations sangat (Sikh community members) or vendors may be able to come drop off requested food items and at other locations fast food options may be available.

We urge everyone to donate the following –
•         Monetary Donations.
•         Non-Perishable Items.
•         Water.
•         Hygiene Products for Men, Women and Children.
•         Toys.
Any non-perishable items not used will be stored for unexpected disasters or donated to other agencies short of resources. 
Many Gurdwaras across the nation have already joined the program. If your Gurdwara, community center or restaurant is interested in joining the list please reach out to us immediately.  If you are an individual that wants to help in any capacity kindly contact UNITED SIKHS by writing to .

Goods: Langar (“Community Kitchen”), Food Bank Pantry Items, Water, Pre-Paid Cards for Food, Hygiene (Men, Women, Children).

Services: Case Manager, Resources (Health (Lifestyle, Fitness, Mental), Legal, Financial, Professional, Informational Services and Support).

We appreciate your continued support: Any feedback, suggestions, comments are encouraged and always welcomed. Please click on the links to become a force of action today in your own city and country whether it is to volunteer or donate to our efforts. 

Associated with the United Nations Dept. of Public Information UNITED SIKHS is a global humanitarian charity that advocates for civil and human rights across 10 chapters. Our International Civil & Human Rights Advocacy helps advance the economic, social and spiritual empowerment of minorities and other marginalized groups and individuals in need, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, social status, age or ability. We achieve this by protecting and enforcing the civil and human rights of minorities and marginalized groups in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Visit us at


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