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Green Grapes Popular Among Consumers


SEOUL, Jan. 14 (Korea Bizwire)A new variety of green grapes is gaining massive popularity among consumers.

GS The Fresh, a supermarket operated run by GS Retail Co., reported that green grape sales in December jumped by 91 percent compared to the previous year, led by the popularity of Autumn Crisps, also known as apple green grapes.

Last year, Shine Muscats arose to fame after sales jumped by more than 255 percent since the previous year.


Experts argue that the crispy flavor and sweetness of Shine Muscats, along with increasing number of consumers looking for new and unusual products, led to the jump in sales.

More than 100 tons of Autumn Crisps, loved for their crispness and apple-like flavor, have been sold in just a month.

Image Credit: GS Retail Co. / Gimcheon City Office /

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