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Hyundai Motor Group Unveils Video of EV Charging Robot

SEOUL, March 22 (Korea Bizwire)Hyundai Motor Group on Tuesday released a video showing the demonstration of its newly-developed automatic charging robot (ACR) on YouTube.

The ACR is a one-arm robot capable of plugging a cable into an electric vehicle (EV)’s charging port and removing it once charging is complete.

Based on the consideration that EV chargers are mostly installed in outdoor areas, the ACR was developed to operate reliably in various environments, regardless of changes in temperature, weather and air quality.

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With a built-in laser sensor, the ACR is designed to prevent accidents by sensing the approach of moving obstacles.

“Charging cables have become thicker and heavier to enable high-speed charging. Especially in dark environments, there are cases where it’s difficult to detect the location and angle of charging ports,” the carmaker said.

Çö´ëÂ÷±×·ì, Àü±âÂ÷ ÀÚµ¿ ÃæÀü ·Îº¿ ½Ã¿¬ ¿µ»ó °ø°³

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