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Hyundai Robotics Rolls Out Face-to-Face Disinfection Robot

This photo provided by Hyundai Robotics Co. shows the company's disinfection robot.

This photo provided by Hyundai Robotics Co. shows the company’s disinfection robot.

SEOUL, July 1 (Korea Bizwire)Hyundai Robotics Co., the largest industrial robot manufacturer in South Korea, said Thursday it will release an innovative disinfection robot enabling face-to-face disinfection.

The newly-developed robot uses plasma sterilization, a method that has been used for the sterilization of surgical instruments at hospitals, to sterilize the air, while carrying out floor sterilization using ultraviolet-C (UV-C) LEDs installed on its underside that enable face-to-face disinfection.

The existing disinfection robots in the market typically spray disinfectants that are harmful to humans, while being limited only to non-face-to-face disinfection since UV-C lamps causing skin diseases are installed on the front.

Hyundai Robotics’ disinfection robot removes various harmful bacteria through its internal plasma sterilization and emits purified air from a vent at the top.

Mounted with eight different types of sensors, it can sense ultra-fine dust and organic chemical compounds in the air and intake and purify them through three-tiered filters.

The robot can disinfect an area of 152 square meters without moving, and can also operate in a self-driving mode. Accordingly, it can carry out disinfection work in lobbies and hallways of buildings where it is hard to install air purifiers and sterilizers.

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