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IBM, SAS, SAP, and Angoss Take Lead in Emerging Advanced Analytics Market

Hurwitz & Associates Reveals Top Trends for End Users in Its Victory Index Report for Advanced Analytics (image: Kobizmedia/ Korea Bizwire)

Hurwitz & Associates Reveals Top Trends for End Users in Its Victory Index Report for Advanced Analytics (image: Kobizmedia/ Korea Bizwire)

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BOSTON, June 16, 2014 (Korea Bizwire)–Hurwitz & Associates today announced the findings of The Hurwitz Victory Index Report for Advanced Analytics. Designed as a market research assessment tool, The Hurwitz Victory Index highlights the diverse uses for advanced analytics technology and the vendors who make those applications possible. Some current uses of advanced analytics include predicting customer behavior and preferences, sales and industry forecasting, predicting failures in machinery, and predicting and reducing fraud. The Hurwitz Victory Index Report for Advanced Analytics examines the top trends for end users to consider and analyzes 10 vendors across four key dimensions: vision, viability, validity and value.

In the first quarter of 2014, Hurwitz & Associates surveyed more than  465 advanced analytics users and conducted in-depth qualitative  interviews with 30 organizations across industries including  manufacturing, banking, insurance, retail, professional sports, and  government agencies. The survey covered business and technical benefits as well as the challenges of different analytics platforms.

Report Hashtag: #VictoryIndex

Advanced Analytics Victors:


  • Go to Market Strength: IBM, SAS, SAP, Pegasystems, and Angoss
  • Customer Experience Strength: SAS, IBM, StatSoft, SAP, and  Angoss


  • Go to Market Strength: StatSoft, Revolution Analytics,  RapidMiner, and Megaputer
  • Customer Experience Strength: Megaputer and RapidMiner

Challengers (strong contenders for Leader status)

  • Go to Market Strength: Predixion
  • Customer Experience Strength: Predixion

Key Study Findings:

  • Most users are happy with their current analytics platform – 60% rate their vendors’ breadth and depth of statistical functionality as excellent.
  • Customers have a growing expectation that business users, such as a chief marketing officer (CMO) or account executive, can access insights from analytics without the help of a data scientist or statistician. Vendors are creating more business friendly offerings, however, there is still work to be done – only 45% of respondents rated their analytics platform as excellent for business users, while nearly 60% rated it excellent for data scientists and statisticians.
  • There is explosive growth of the use of the programing language R, and users are having great success with its capabilities. While R is becoming pervasive within organizations and in academia, it is still viewed as a tool for data scientists and statisticians. Of the R users who participated in the survey (40 users), 25% ranked it as below average for ease of use, and 33% ranked it below average for its ability to support business users.

“The advanced analytics market is experiencing significant growth, and  we expect interest in this technology to increase dramatically over the  next several years. As companies recognize the positive impact of  analytics on one aspect of their business, they are rapidly applying  advanced analytics to business challenges across the enterprise,” said  Daniel Kirsch, report co-author and Senior Analyst with Hurwitz &  Associates. “We see an increasing number of emerging players developing  innovative solutions to tap into this market, and we expect some of  these new companies with deep technology roots will be acquired.”

What is Advanced Analytics?

Companies use advanced analytics to discover patterns and anomalies in  large volumes of data and then use this insight to predict the outcomes of future events and interactions. Advanced analytics is also used for optimization and complex event processing and analysis. With advanced analytics, your organization can adjust its plans and strategies to become more competitive, minimize potential risk and optimize  decision-making in real time.

“At Hurwitz & Associates we take pride in providing a holistic view of  the value and benefit of important technologies. We assess not just the  technical capability of the technology but its ability to provide  tangible value to the business,” said Judith Hurwitz, President of  Hurwitz & Associates. “The Victory Index will serve as a critical guide  for those looking to adopt technologies that can deliver the competitive  edge needed to succeed in today’s dynamic business environment.”

To learn more about The Hurwitz Victory Index Report for Advanced  Analytics or to purchase a copy of the report, please visit

About Hurwitz & Associates

Hurwitz & Associates is a strategy consulting, market research, and  analyst firm that focuses on how technology solutions solve real world  customer problems. Hurwitz & Associates research concentrates on  disruptive technologies, such as Big Data and Analytics, Cognitive  Computing, Cloud Computing, Service Management, Information Management, Application Development and Deployment, and Security. Our experienced team merges deep technical and business expertise to deliver the  actionable, strategic advice clients require. For more information, please visit

Source: Hurwitz & Associates (via BusinessWire)

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