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IU Reveals Teaser Video of Her 3rd Album “Modern Times”

SEOUL, Korea, Sept 25 (Korea Bizwire) – IU, a female singer once considered a perennial girl adored by everyone, has come back to us as a mature lady. In the teaser video of her third album “Modern Times” featuring the title song “Between the Lips,” she revealed her new side, sultrier and more sensual. In the song, she says, “The distance between our lips is still 50 centimeters,” tempting the viewer further.

The way she dresses in the teaser, in floral feminine attire with bright-red lips, is quite different from previous appearances, which arouses the curiosity of the viewer about the new song and the album.

In particular, the scenes with the back of her neck closed up and where she stares at you lying on the bed, although not explicitly sexy, are suggestive enough to say out loud, “I am not a girl anymore.”

Beginning with the one-minute video on Between the Lips,” IU will keep releasing a total of seven teaser videos until the new album launch on October 7, piquing public interest. As part of the promotion of the third album, she will soon resume her TV appearances after a hiatus. Now, forget about IU the cute girl. She has come back with us as a grown-up lady with character.

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