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Jeju’s Slow Road Navigation Brings Travellers Off the Beaten Path


JEJU, April 1 (Korea Bizwire)A new navigation introduces ‘slow routes’ to tourists visiting southern resort island of Jeju, offering a unique opportunity to visit less popular sites.

The Jeju Tourism Organization announced Wednesday the launch of a trial for its new Slow Road navigation service, in partnership with Jeju Provincial Office, advertising agency Cheil Worldwide Inc. and mobility firm T Map Mobility Co.

The navigation service was designed to assist with safe travels by dispersing travellers across the island, allow them to enjoy the diverse beauty of Jeju.


The Slow Road navigation service divides Jeju Island into seven regions, introducing 50 routes that each come with a special theme to connect regions.

Travellers can choose their route of preference, and then follow the directions to their destination using T map navigation service.

The 50 Slow Roads intersect between five and 11 tourist destinations. Each tourist hotspot and theme for each road were selected based on big data collected from social media and online forums.

Image Credit: Jeju Tourism Organization / Yonhap /

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