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Jessica & Krystal – Episode 1, “Tears of Two Sisters”

SEOUL, June 7 (Korea Bizwire) – Two sisters famous for being members of K-pop girl groups, Jessica of Girl’s Generation and Krystal of f(x), showed their tears in a reality TV show in which they are starring.

In a surprise party for Jessica’s birthday secretly prepared by her younger sister Krystal during their trip to Los Angeles for photo shooting, Jessica shed tears and Krystal followed.

During an interview in the TV show, Krystal showed her tears again to a question, “How do you think if Jessica will get married next month?” She replied, “That will not do” and burst into tears in 10 seconds, which shows her pure characteristics compared with her image of haughtiness in other TV shows.

The two sisters, each of them is a member of the top K-pop girl groups, suffered from baseless rumors on the Internet that “They don’t look friendly enough” or “They don’t look like sisters.” Also, with their cold images dubbed as “ice princess (Jessica)” and “haughty girl (Krystal),” they have gone through distresses from misunderstandings like “They don’t smile,” “They are too arrogant,” and “They have no respect to others.”

Jessica and Krystal wanted to show their warm hearts in the TV program. Meanwhile, besides Jessica and Krystal, Kim Hyung-jun of SS501 and Allen Kim, former member of U Kiss are full brothers and Sandara Park of 2NE1 and Cheondong of MBLAQ are also sister and brother.

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