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[Kobiz Infographics] Where Have All the Bees Gone?


SEOUL, Korea, Feb. 12 (Korea Bizwire) – Albert Einstein is reported to have said before his death, “Once the bees have left the earth, man will have four years left on planet.” Although so many scientists have warned the dire consequences of the bee’s disappearance and researchers have spilt so much ink on the subject, the travail of the bees still continues.

Lately there have been news reports that in some parts of the United States hordes of honeybees impaired with their neural system were seen flying at night, which horrified the viewers. Prof. Simon Potts at the University of Reading warned that as many as 7 billion more bees will be needed to pollinate crops in Europe alone and that a serious food shortage may occur unless the problem is addressed right now.

What’s all the fuss about the trivial-looking honeybees? Let’s see what’s at stake, why everyone is talking about an Armageddon, and for what reasons the bees are dying off, all in the infographics below.

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