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LG Electronics Introduces ‘Smart Sensor’ for Home Appliances

They are SmartThinQ sensors (L) and SmartThinQ Hub (R). (image: LG Electronics)

They are SmartThinQ sensors (L) and SmartThinQ Hub (R). (image: LG Electronics)

SEOUL, June 21 (Korea Bizwire) – South Korean home appliance maker LG Electronics Co. introduced a set of brand new devices Monday that are able to transform conventional household appliances into smart and connected devices which can interact with the latest mobile communication devices. 

They are SmartThinQ sensors and SmartThinQ Hub. 

The smart sensor is attached to old, plain home appliances with no connectivity, such as conventional washers, dryers and refrigerators, to enable a connection between the electronic appliances and the user’s smartphone. 

When attached to a washer, the sensor will detect movement and let the user know when washing is completed. It can also let users know when their washer itself needs to be cleaned by counting the number of uses over an extended period of time, the company said. 

When put on a refrigerator, the smart device will let users know when the contents of the refrigerator will expire. 

It can also be used to remotely activate or deactivate various home appliances, including air conditioners and robot vacuum cleaners. 

The SmartThinQ Hub works as a connection hub between smart sensors and other devices. 

The introduction price of the new smart devices was set at 299,000 won (US$256) for a package of three SmartThinQ sensors and one SmartThinQ hub, the company said.


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