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LG Electronics Wins Safety Certificate for High-end Home Appliances

(image: LG Electronics)

(image: LG Electronics)

SEOUL, Jul. 26 (Korea Bizwire)LG Electronics Inc. said Wednesday it received a safety certificate from a U.S. evaluator for the high-end LG Signature home appliances.

The South Korean tech giant said the approval was granted by U.S.-based safety certification firm Underwriter Laboratories on four premium Signature products — organic light-emitting diode (OLED) TV, refrigerator, washer and air purifier.

The company said the LG Signature products are made to endure voltages that are up to four times higher than international standards to cope with unexpected accidents including a surge.

The LG Signature refrigerator is also able to remain safe and operational even after its doors have been opened and closed 300,000 times when they are stocked with goods, it added. The performance beats the U.S. regulation of 150,000 times required for freezers when in an empty condition.

LG Electronics said it will continue to solidify the brand reputation of its Signature line by promoting design, performance, and safety.


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