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Love Grows by “Touching” : The Master’s Sun OST ‘Touch Love’

SEOUL, Korea, Sep 10 (Korea Bizwire) – The Master’s Sun, a dark romantic comedy, is a story about a man, so hurt and betrayed so wouldn’t believe in love and a woman, who happens to be able to see ghosts — and strangely, ghosts haunting her will go away when she comes to “touch” the guy who is the protagonist on this TV series.

So, their weird relationship begins when a “strange” woman appears before the guy who always chases after money — a way of helping keep his hurt feelings off the past. And she desperately wants to touch him because he is the only shelter shutting out all the frightening ghosts haunting her.

Touching the man — only in brief moments though — she can be free from the curse of seeing ghosts. That’s why she tries to tag after the guy wherever he goes about.

While her “hanging around” him goes on, the guy decides to take advantage of her extraordinary talent — being referred to as a “radar” in this series — so that he might dig into his hidden past. She, in turn, feels a sense of relief in his presence, also called as an “emergency bunker” for her haunted tragedy.

Now, enjoy the scene listening to OST ‘Touch Love’ by Yoon Mi-rae, famous hip hop and R&B singer about the strangely beautiful and moving love story played by So Ji-sub and Gong Hyo-jin, both the top-notch Korean TV celebrities.

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