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LS Cable & System Set to Mass-produce ‘Hack-proof’ Optical Cables

The hack-proof optical cable (image: LS Cable & System)

The hack-proof optical cable (image: LS Cable & System)

SEOUL, Nov. 4 (Korea Bizwire)South Korea’s top wire and cable maker LS Cable & System announced on Tuesday that it is ready to mass-produce a newly-developed optical cable that is designed prevent hacking.

The company developed the hack-proof optical cable using special fiber optics with enhanced coatings.

The company noted that the brand-new optical cable can prevent illegal leakage of information and disturbance.

When an optical cable is bent in the shape of a circle, some light escapes as it does not ‘bend’ with the cable, but rather continues to move in a straight line.

Hackers can then steal information by connecting hacking devices and intercepting optical signals, or paralyze the network by adding optical signals.

Thus far, infrared coatings and metal tubes have been used to prevent hacking. This method, however, has not been used widely in practice due to high manufacturing costs and difficulties in installation.

“In many cases, regular optical cables are left vulnerable to hacking despite the fact that data such as emails, financial transactions or CCTV footage can be intercepted,” the company said.

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