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Luxury But Funny “Food Gobbling Scenes” of Gentle Actor

SEOUL, July 25 (Korea Bizwire)Actor Lee Jung-jae, ad model for Burger King, showed his luxurious “food gobbling scenes” at a TV commercial for the fast food franchise’s new menu, “Cheese Fondue Whopper.”

Inspired by fondue food, Burger King shows off a new menu in a unique way of enjoying a hamburger with a cheese dip. The TV commercial of actor Lee shows a luxurious atmosphere with the background music of a French chanson.

However, there is a reversal. In the beautiful flow of the chanson, strangely enough, you canhear some Korea lyrics, saying, “Try (having) a burger dipping into fondue.”

Meanwhile, the food gobbling scenes of Lee with his gentle image tempt us toto have a hamburger as if it were a French gourmet food.

Debuted in 1993, Lee has been steadily gaining his popularity in dramas, films and TV commercials. Recently, with famous films like “New World” and “The Face Reader,” he reaffirmed his position as a great actor in a deep and impressive way. How about appreciating his luxurious food gobbling scenes in this TV commercial?

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