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Mobile Parking from Yellowbrick International Shortly in 60 Countries

Parking challenges create another business model (image: Parking lot in New York City/Wikipedia)

Parking challenges create another business model (image: Parking lot in New York City/Wikipedia)

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AMSTERDAM, Oct. 10 (Korea Bizwire) – Parkeon, global market leader in parking management solutions, and Waysis have announced a global collaboration agreement. Waysis is owner of the Yellowbrick® trademark, a leading global brand in mobile parking. On October 10 Bertrand Barthelemy (Parkeon CEO) and Paul Staartjes (CEO, Waysis) signed a mobile parking agreement in Amsterdam, involving Yellowbrick International BV, a new company. Representatives of its Dutch strategic partners were present at the signing: FBTO, ANWB, Hertz, ICS, Q-Park and Travelcard.

Mobile Parking

Mobile Parking is the international term for the mobile initiation and termination of a paid parking transaction. Parkeon’s presence in 60 countries, combined with Yellowbrick mobile parking solutions means Mobile Parking will soon go global.

Bertrand Barthelemy, Parkeon: “This partnership will enable Parkeon to accelerate its transformation into a digital business. Waysis performs excellently in both old and new markets and has a powerful reputation in both customer management and in building strong brands. Yellowbrick effectively exploits the trend towards mobile parking transactions.” Waysis ceo Paul Staartjes adds: “We’ve known Parkeon for a long time. They are the key player in the international parking industry. Their expertise and enormous network complement our experience and know-how. This will accelerate the growth of our mobile parking solutions business greatly. Yellowbrick International will soon be the global leader in this industry.”

About Parkeon

Parkeon is a leading player in the field of urban transport. Parkeon is represented in 60 countries with its unique, total solutions for parking management and public transport ticketing systems. The company is growing rapidly in developing countries in Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, Latin America and North Africa. Parkeon systems and equipment support transport management in 4,000 cities. The company employs more than 1,000 people worldwide and turned over 185 million euros in 2013.

About Yellowbrick

Yellowbrick introduced mobile parking in the Netherlands in 2006. Mobile Parking – mobile termination of parking transactions – is enabled in more than 119 Dutch municipalities. Customers can use mobile parking on the street, at Q-Park parking lots, at Q-Park Park + Ride locations and at Schiphol International Airport. Mobile parking was introduced in Belgium in 2013.

Source: Parkon (via Businesswire)


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