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Nation’s First “Family” Cathedral Established in Busan

(image: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Busan)

(image: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Busan)

BUSAN, Aug. 20 (Korea Bizwire)Constructed on the very site where Busan’s first cathedral was built more than 100 years ago, the nation’s first church specializing in matrimonial and family affairs has opened its doors to the public.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Busan carried out a celebratory ceremony officiated by Bishop Paul Hwang Cheol-soo to commemorate the opening of the cathedral at Choryang-dong, Dong-gu in Busan.

Many social leaders and religious followers took part in the ceremony to celebrate the opening.

Bishop Hwang said that the church will act as a new guidepost in delivering gospel to families and will play an effective role in the local community.

Unlike other Catholic cathedrals which are dedicated to religious devotees belonging to specific districts, this cathedral will carry out weddings regardless of the follower’s home address.

The church will also act as a family support center that will be in charge of the community’s family counseling efforts and other family-related activities.

The church was built in traditional gothic style with red bricks and stained glass windows, reminiscent of the beautiful cathedrals found across Europe.

Built upon a plot of land spanning 1,235 square meters, the building itself boasts an area of 3,159 square meters of space, which includes two floors above ground and four levels below.

A multi-purpose lecture hall, a separate chapel, a counseling room, and other facilities can be found on site.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Busan will be open to all Busan residents, both religious followers and non-believers alike.

A space within the church will be utilized to help people in need in addition to providing local residents with a venue for weddings and other family events.

On weekdays, various lectures and cultural activities will be held in the church’s public space.

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