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New Path Opens for Internet Companies to Delete COVID-19 Fake News

(Image: National Forensic Service)

(Image: National Forensic Service)

SEOUL, April 29 (Korea Bizwire)Moves are afoot for Internet companies such as online portals and communities to directly delete postings that contain fake or manipulated information related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Korea Internet Self-governance Organization (KISO), an industry group of major Internet firms, said Wednesday that it had established a foundation for the restriction of Internet postings that include COVID 19-related fake or manipulated information and started enforcing the new regulations from Wednesday.

The new regulations clear the way for KISO member companies to take necessary measures such as deletion once postings are clearly verified as having fake or manipulated information on the basis of official announcements from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency.

When it’s difficult to judge whether a posting meets the deletion requirements, the member companies can ask the KISO to deliberate on the issue.

At present, the member companies have no right to delete such postings on their own. Instead, such issues are handled by the Korea Communications Standards Commission. Under the current system, the member companies are also unable to request deliberation.

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