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Novotech Liver Cancer Research Landscape Report Finds 1,700 Trials Initiated Globally

Novotech Liver Cancer Research Landscape Report Finds 1,700 Trials Initiated Globally

Novotech Liver Cancer Research Landscape Report Finds 1,700 Trials Initiated Globally


BOSTON, June 22, 2024 (Korea Bizwire) – Novotech, a global full-service clinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in partnering with biotech companies to expedite the development of cutting-edge therapeutics across all phases, has today published a leading industry report, Liver Cancer – Global Clinical Trial Landscape. Liver cancer is the sixth most diagnosed cancer worldwide and the third-most common cause of cancer-related deaths.

The report highlights the ongoing investment into liver cancer research globally and the significant treatment innovations that are designed to improve outcomes for patients.

The Novotech research analyst team provides these expert reports monthly, completely free of charge. These reports offer up-to-date insights into global clinical trial activity, revealing regions that experience the highest trial volumes and the factors behind these trends. They tackle the hurdles biotech firms face in specific therapeutic areas and discuss future paths in therapy and investment trends.

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the predominant form of liver cancer, accounting for approximately 90% of all cases. HCC typically arises in individuals with chronic liver conditions such as hepatitis virus infection, cirrhosis, certain inherited liver diseases, or exposure to aflatoxins and affects men more than women.

The Liver Cancer – Global Clinical Trial Landscape report finds that Asia had the highest incidence, contributing approximately 600,000 cases, which represented over 70% of the global burden. Within Asia, China alone reported more than 360,000 cases. Europe reported about 88,000 cases, while Africa faced significant challenges with 73,000 cases. North America saw over 48,000 cases, predominantly from the United States. 

The Novotech report shows there’s a robust clinical trial pipeline for liver cancer, with over 1,700 trials initiated since 2018. Asia-Pacific and North America are at the forefront, contributing 55% and 24% respectively, followed by Europe at 16% and ROW at 5%, with Mainland China, South Korea, Spain and the United States emerging as top destinations for conducting trials.

These trials are across all phases, with a significant focus on early and mid-phase trials in Asia-Pacific and North America (Phase I and II), compared to Europe and the ROW which showed a lower overall number of trials. This data could suggest a difference in regional approaches to clinical research, possibly influenced by factors like funding, regulatory environments, and infrastructure. 

Ongoing trials dominate globally, with Asia-Pacific leading again in ongoing and completed studies. North America and Europe closely follow, showing considerable activity in ongoing trials but fewer completed ones.

The treatment landscape for HCC is diverse and evolving. While surgical resection and liver transplantation offer the best long-term survival, many patients are unsuitable due to tumor size or liver conditions. Other treatments include traditional chemotherapy, targeted therapies like monoclonal antibodies and small molecules, and immunotherapies such as immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) or tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs). First-line treatments often combine atezolizumab and bevacizumab, while second-line options include lenvatinib, sorafenib, regorafenib, and cabozantinib.

Key takeaways from the report are:

  • The drug development landscape includes approximately 70 drugs in preclinical stages, 23 in research, 51 in Phase I, 37 in Phase I/II, 66 in Phase II, 17 in Phase III, and 23 marketed drugs.
  • Due to its large population and lower volume of studies, the Asia-Pacific region has lower competing trial risk with a trial density 4 times lower than that of the US and about 2 times lower than Europe.
  • The funding landscape for liver cancer research shows substantial support, particularly through public and venture capital funding. The United States ($4,898 million) and China ($3,131 million) have seen significant venture capital investments in liver cancer research between 2019 and 2023. 
  • Funding predominantly supports preclinical, Phase I, and Phase II stages, with lesser amounts for discovery, Phase III, IND/CTA filed, and marketed stages.
  • A SWOT analysis reveals strengths in multidisciplinary approaches and evolving therapies, but also highlights weaknesses like side effects and limited access to advanced treatments. Opportunities lie in precision medicine and immunotherapy, while threats include rising healthcare costs and insufficient funding for research. 

Download the report here

About Novotech

Founded in 1997, Novotech is a global full-service clinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) focused on partnering with biotech companies to accelerate the development of advanced and novel therapeutics at every phase.

Recognized for its industry-leading contributions, Novotech has received numerous prestigious awards, including the CRO Leadership Award 2023, the Asia Pacific Cell & Gene Therapy Clinical Trials Excellence 2023, the Asia-Pacific Contract Research Organization Company of the Year Award since 2006.

The Company offers a comprehensive suite of services including laboratories, Phase I facilities, drug development consulting, regulatory expertise, and has experience with over 5,000 clinical projects, including Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials and bioequivalence studies. With a presence in 34 office locations and a dedicated team of 3,000+ professionals worldwide, Novotech is a trusted end-to-end strategic partner of choice.

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