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Public Service Message: Don’t Do Anything But Driving

Don’t even say “I miss you” to your lovely children.

Don’t dare send an “I love you” text message to your wife.

Don’t even think about pressing the “Like” button for funny pictures of your friends.

Don’t do anything but driving

’cause all these are meaningless unless you are with us.

If you love them, do nothing but driving.

SEOUL, Korea, Sept 29 (Korea Bizwire)–The number of traffic fatalities for five years since 2007 has been 28,606, of which 70 percent were caused by carelessness due to texting or talking on the phone as well as being asleep at the wheel. Tens of thousands are losing their precious lives and leaving behind grieving families just because they forget the plain rule that you should do nothing but driving.

In order to remind the viewers of the importance of the road-safety rule, the Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corporation has recently kicked off a public service message campaign: Please ignore all incoming calls and text messages when you are behind the wheel. If you truly love your family as well as yourself, please stop being responsive!

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