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Punishment of Drunk Driving Toughens: Data Shows

(Image: Kobiz Media/Korea Bizwire)

(Image: Kobiz Media/Korea Bizwire)

SEOUL, Oct. 4 (Korea Bizwire) The number of drivers caught for drunk driving fell by about a quarter last year from 2013, but those formally arrested and indicted for the offense increased sharply in an indication of toughening punishment, government data showed Thursday.

Those caught for drunk driving totaled 181,708 last year, down 23.3 percent from 2013, according to justice ministry data submitted to Rep. Keum Tae-sup of the ruling Democratic Party.

Despite the fall in the overall number of apprehended drunk drivers, those formally arrested and put to trial rose a sharp 64.6 percent to 571 last year from 371 in 2013, suggesting that punishment of the violation has toughened.

The court has also been tough on drunk driving.

The number of those sentenced to prison sentences for drunk driving more than doubled to 12,121 last year from 5,978 in 2013, according to the ministry data.

“Though the number of those caught for drunk driving has been on the decrease, the recidivism rate is increasing,” Keum said. “We have to further strengthen punishment so as to root out drunk driving.”


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