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Riedel Releases Report on Crypto Leader AC3 with Coin Value of $20.52

(Image: Korea Bizwire)

(Image: Korea Bizwire)


SAN FRANCISCO, Jul. 23 (Korea Bizwire) — AC3, the trusted leader in the digital content and education marketplace, announces the release of the Riedel research report. The report is an independent analysis of AC3’s decentralized platform, utility value and medium-term coin value.

“Our focus from day one was to bring institutional quality governance and operations to the crypto ecosphere as we developed our business. In the last year, we built the blockchain infrastructure for secure digital content transactions and we are thrilled the hard work is starting to be recognize and valued,” stated John Fields, AC3 co-founder.

Riedel has established a long track record for independent research on global emerging companies. Recently, the firm witnessed growing interest from their clients on blockchain technology and crypto companies. “Since AC3 is one of the first blockchain ecosystem with partners and adoption, we thought they were the ideal candidate for our rigorous analytics,” stated David Riedel, owner of Riedel Research. Adding, “The digital content space is massive and the companies that eventually win, will win big and AC3 has a significant lead.”

AC3 already has had over 218,000 transactions, which is a testament to the security, functionality and user experience of the AC3 digital wallet. AC3 is on pace to add hundreds of partnerships with creators and educators as well as gain 200,000 active users through their expanding network of strategic relationships.

For all media enquiries, please contact: media@ac3.io

Company website: https://ac3.io/

Full Riedel report: https://ac3.io/static/pdf/AC3_Report_7_23.pdf


About AC3 – The All Content Creator Currency
Founded in 2015, AC3 is responsible for a number of groundbreaking ventures and developments in the digital content, blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. The AC3 team has a history of successfully building and growing tech-centric platforms. The team are content creators and educators themselves reaching over 2.5 million creators, designers and software developers every month. AC3 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hacksaw International Incorporated.


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