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S. Jeolla Province Succeeds in Cultivating Truffle Mushrooms

It is one of the world’s three most expensive food items, with its price reaching several thousand dollars per 100 grams.(image:Scott Darbey/flickr)

MUAN , Dec. 19 (Korea Bizwire) – The Korea Forest Resources Research Institute of South Jeolla Province said on December 18 that it has succeeded in artificial cultivation of truffle, one of the highly prized haute cuisine items. Truffles usually grow in oak forests and have yet to be found in Korea in natural state. It is one of the world’s three most expensive food items, with its price reaching several thousand dollars per 100 grams.

Depending on its color, it is divided into black truffle and white truffle. Recently the demand for white truffle is on the rise in Europe and elsewhere. Still, the cultivation of truffles is quite limited in volume. The researchers at the Forest Resources Research Institute have experimented with European truffles by planting in different locations within the province with different cultivation conditions and recently succeeded in growing the mushrooms in large quantities.

Once the truffle-growing technique is adopted by local farmers, it is likely to be the first case of mass-production of truffles and will create a source of income for the farmers. Kim Hyun-seok, a research staff with the institute who was involved in the project, said, “We will try to develop better quality starter culture for truffles so that farmers within our province can get more income from the mushroom cultivation.”

By Sean Chung (schung10@koreabizwire.com)

One thought on “S. Jeolla Province Succeeds in Cultivating Truffle Mushrooms

  1. oyut

    hello. i am an International Relations Officer and legally blind.
    blinds’ mushroom growing work place is strongly attracting our attention since we have been searching for he possibility to create work place for the blind.
    presently, massage work places are right option for the blinds and this field is getting more pervasive in Mongolia.
    although, approximately 2% of total 16 000 blind and low vision adults are employed. remaining majority part are living in poor and extremely poor circumstance.
    as well, due to the context of Mongolia, developing the cultivation of mushroom is in high needs and demand on labor and supply market.
    traditionally, Mongolians used to use wild mushrooms which are good for health aspects.
    as citing from the international best practices, growing mushrooms has become optimal solution for the low vision and blinds.
    therefore, as solely existing legal entity who has been thriving towards, protecting the rights of the persons with vision impairments, Mongolian National Federation of the Blind is officially requesting for for initiating start up of communication with us.
    i tried to brief to the point at same time describing our organization. for further information please feel free to elicit me anytime.

    by the way, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Mongolia is also encouraging the work of growing mushroom. they say they would support in any way they can in case we, ourselves conduct research on the practices of equally including the persons with disabilities.

    at last, thank yew very much for your attention and really looking forward to receiving your kind response.

    sincerely yours,

    International Relations Officer


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