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Sales of Masks, Cleansers for Babies Jump amid Growing Fine Dust Concerns

(image: Agabang & Company)

(image: Agabang & Company)

SEOUL, Apr. 6 (Korea Bizwire)Sales of hand cleansers and laundry detergents for babies have risen sharply amid growing concerns over worsening levels of fine dust in the air, local businesses said Friday.

South Korea has been suffering from worsening air pollution caused by fine dust particles emitted both at home and from China, and by yellow dust from Mongolia during the winter and spring seasons.

Fine dust — particles smaller than 10 micrometers — can cause respiratory ailments and undermine the body’s immune system.

Agabang & Company, a leading toddler clothing and product company, said its sales of KF80 masks for infants surged 92 percent in March from January this year. KF (Korea Filter) 80 masks filter out 80 percent of particulate matter.

Putto Houzz, a skin care brand, said its sales of hand cleansing agents soared 34.9 percent in March from January, while sales of baby laundry detergent and fabric conditioners also climbed 33 percent and 41.5 percent, respectively, during the same time span.

Goongbe, another baby product brand, also reported more than a 200 percent increase in sales of cleansing tissues in March from a year earlier.


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