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Sales of Pre-cut Fruits Up Sharply at Convenience Stores


SEOUL, Aug. 9 (Korea Bizwire)The sales of pre-cut fruits that can be eaten simply without the need to wash and cut them are picking up at convenience stores.

Convenience store chain Emart 24 found that the sales of pre-cut fruits have grown by 28 percent on average per year over the past three years.

This year, its pre-cut fruit sales jumped by 35 percent year on year. By commercial district, sales rose by 58 percent in residential areas, 49 percent in office areas and 38 percent in for-profit private school areas.


Given that sales of the fruits sold by piece marked merely a single-digit growth, the fresh fruit trend at convenience stores is shifting towards finger foods like pre-cut fruits.

“The demand for pre-cut fruits is growing explosively among nearby price-savvy shoppers in recent days, and the consumer preference for highly convenient products is expected to continue for the time being,” Emart 24 said.

Image Credit: Emart 24 / E-Mart Inc. /

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