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Sam Endures Hardship at Boot Camp, with His Trousers Torn Apart

SEOUL, Korea, Sep 05 (Korea Bizwire) –Sam Hammington from Australia might be the most popular expat celebrity in Korea for now. Appearing in lots of TV and radio programs, he is also gaining popularity having a hard time as a clumsy recruit, starring in “Real Men” on Sunday Night Show, a popular reality program in MBC, major TV outlet in Korea.

At the program, Sam and other famous celebs including Jang Hyuck, are having hands-on experience at the real boot camp. Sam, fluent in Korean language, inadvertently shows off limitless talents as an entertainer wining over surging number of Korean fans of late. Famous is a scene of his devouring foods caught in a TV program.

This is a video clip where Sam got the key part(?) of his trousers torn during the training session which could be unfamiliar to expats like him, which leads to big laughs among Korean audiences.

Watch Sam go to great lengths to pull off the hard posture, fighting desperately with his stiff knees!




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