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Samsung Kicks-off ‘Power Saving Home Appliance Festa’ Campaign

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SEOUL, May 31 (Korea Bizwire) — Samsung Electronics is launching a timely marketing campaign aimed at budget-conscious consumers. On Wednesday, Samsung announced the upcoming ‘Samsung Power Saving Home Appliance Festa,’ which will be held both online and offline across the nation from June 1 to July 31. The campaign aims to alleviate the burden on consumers facing rising electricity prices.

During the event, customers who purchase two or more energy-efficient Class 1 models or specially packaged models that support the ‘AI Economy Mode’ will receive benefits in the form of points or cashback, amounting to up to 500,000 won per model. Additionally, for a limited time, the 55-inch QLED TV with Energy Efficiency Class 1 will be available at a discounted price of 900,000 won.

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Samsung’s Power Saver appliances are designed to maximize energy savings. They include models with Energy Efficiency Class 1, which significantly reduce power consumption, as well as high-efficiency energy-saving models that surpass the minimum standard for Energy Efficiency Class 1, resulting in even greater energy savings. The appliances also incorporate AI Eco Mode to efficiently manage power usage.

Samsung is additionally introducing a trade-in program that rewards customers with points or cash back when they trade in their old products and purchase the latest power-saving appliances. Under this program, customers can receive up to 200,000 won worth of points or cash back by purchasing any Bispoke Refrigerator Class 1 model and returning their old refrigerator.

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