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Samsung Showcases Top-notch V-NAND Memory Solution

(image: Samsung Electronics)

(image: Samsung Electronics)

SEOUL, Aug. 9 (Korea Bizwire)Samsung Electronics Co. on Wednesday introduced a 1-terabit (Tb) V-NAND chip, which aims to meet growing market demand and technological developments in the field of data processing and storage systems.

“The arrival of a 1Tb V-NAND chip next year will enable 2 terabytes of memory in a single V-NAND package by stacking 1 Tb dies and will represent one of the most important memory advances of the past decade,” the company said.

A terabit is equal to around 128GB, which is enough to store around 60 two-hour high-definition movies.

Samsung said the V-NAND technology is significant as it overcomes the limits of the previous 2D NAND technology in terms of capacity through a vertical design.

“With the rapid increase of data-intensive applications across many industries using artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, the role of flash memory has become extremely critical in accelerating the speed at which information can be extracted for real-time analysis,” the company added.

Samsung also showcased Next Generation Small Form Factor (NGSFF) SSD, which can significantly improve storage capacity. The company said the new solution can increase the storage capacity by four times compared with previous solutions.

The mass production of the NGSFF SSD will begin in the fourth quarter of 2017, it added.


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