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Samsung’s Startup Initiatives Showcased at MWC 2017


SEOUL, Feb. 21 (Korea Bizwire) – Samsung Electronics is introducing four of its VR and AR C-Lab projects at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. 

Relúmĭno is a VR headset for the visually impaired, which, via image processing, converts images and text in such a way that those with disabilities can see more clearly. 

Monitorless, on the other hand, is a set of glasses that can be used as either an AR or VR device, or a regular screen, with content streamed from either a PC or a smartphone. 


The third project, VuildUs, is for home interior design. By using a 360-degree “depth” camera, users can film their house to create a virtual 3D map, which can then be used to place furniture and other household items for home design inspiration. 


Finally, traVRer lets users embark on virtual journeys to different places around the world. The difference between existing technologies, like street view, however, is that it allows users to travel specific routes at certain hours of their choosing, and the VR images are much more realistic, capturing atmospheric elements like noise. 


“These C-Lab projects are just prototypes. But after receiving feedback from MWC participants for further evaluation, we will consider their commercialization,” said a Samsung official.

C-Lab, or Creative Lab, is Samsung’s startup incubation platform that offers its employees the opportunity to realize their creativity. The project was first introduced in 2012.

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