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Sejong Arboretum Sets Up Facilities to Coexist with Elk


SEJONG, Nov. 23 (Korea Bizwire)The Sejong National Arboretum in the administrative city of Sejong has set up fencing and a separate habitat to coexist with the local elk population.

The arboretum has set up an 800-meter-long fence through a reed field and created a 20,000-square-meter habitat for elk.

The fence has a gate that allows elk living inside the arboretum to move to the new habitat.

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The arboretum will grow plants in the new habitat that make good feed for the elk so that they don’t have to enter the arboretum to find food.

The arboretum culled 12 elk that entered the facility last month for the sake of protecting plant species, sparking protests from a local environmental organization that said the arboretum should look for a way to coexist with wild animals, rather than eliminate them.

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