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Seoul Hosts Exhibition for Artists with Savant Syndrome

'Beautiful' by Lee Dong-min.

‘Beautiful’ by Lee Dong-min.

SEOUL, June 13 (Korea Bizwire) – Palais de Seoul, an art gallery in Seoul, is hosting an art exhibition for artists with savant syndrome from June 14 to 26.

Individuals with savant syndrome often score very low on IQ tests, while demonstrating exceptional skills or brilliance in specific areas, such as rapid calculation, art, memory, or musical ability.

'101 Puppies' by Shin Dong-min.

’101 Puppies’ by Shin Dong-min.

The five artists presenting their works are Kim Gi-hyeok (22), Kim Jeong-woo (20), Shin Dong-min (22), Lee Dong-min (18), and Han Seung-min (21). They are also veteran artists with years of exhibition experience in the art world.

The exhibition is titled ‘Open Planet’, signifying an event where these disabled artists communicate and commune with the rest of the world through their own ‘planet’.

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