Seoul to Install Mini Beach and Snow Sculptures in Downtown Plazas | Be Korea-savvy

Seoul to Install Mini Beach and Snow Sculptures in Downtown Plazas

(image: Seoul Metropolitan Government)

(image: Seoul Metropolitan Government)

SEOUL, Aug. 8 (Korea Bizwire)Symbols of summer and winter vacations will appear in the heart of Seoul this weekend, in an event prepared by the city government to cheer up citizens fatigued by the prolonged heat wave, officials said Wednesday.

At the “2018 Seoul Vacance” event, an artificial beach will be installed in Seoul Plaza on Friday and Saturday, featuring 15 tons of sand, palm trees and beach parasols, the officials said.

Participants can rest in tents, harmony sofas and mosquito net tents all set up in the plaza and enjoy outdoor movies and music, they said.

At the nearby Gwanghwamun Square, about 150 large snow sculptures and a 6-meter-tall Christmas tree will be displayed on Saturday, the officials said, adding 12 teams of citizens will be given an opportunity to create their own snow sculptures.

The Seoul government will also hold a summer cool fashion show and a graffiti competition at Cheonggye Plaza on Saturday to help citizens fight the heat wave.

“Unique opportunities to experience various culture and art content will be given at Seoul’s three major plazas this weekend,” an official said. “We hope citizens can enjoy the summer holidays downtown.”


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