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Single-person Travel Rises in Popularity in S. Korea


SEOUL, Feb. 23 (Korea Bizwire)Single-person travel is becoming increasingly popular.

According to the Korea Tourism Organization, an analysis of BC Card Co.’s credit card transaction data showed that travel consumption by single-person households accounted for 14.6 percent of all tourism-related consumption in the country last year, up by 5.5 percentage points from the previous year.

The organization also studied social media data from January 2019 to November last year, during which mentions about single-person travel, camping and other activities jumped, particularly since COVID-19 vaccinations began in February of last year.


Single-person travel was preferred for offering individuals the opportunity to spend quality time alone, meet new people and the convenience of traveling whenever, wherever they want.

It was also preferred for allowing travelers to easily set their schedule and make decisions, access better accommodation and have complete freedom.

Those in their 20s and 30s began traveling alone mostly because of the fantasy they have for traveling alone as well as the difficulty of coordinating schedules with others. Those in their 40s and 50s traveled alone to celebrate their retirement or take a break from relationships.

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