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Smartphone Era – You Can Now Even Get Treatments with Smartphones

Medical treatments are now performed by smartphones with the help of new “Appccessories”(image:Shinhan Exhibition)

SEOUL, Korea, Dec 10 (Korea Bizwire) – “Appcessorries” is a word not strange to those who are into IT. If the first generation appcessories enabled you to measure things such as body fat, alcohol level in your blood stream and skin tone, the second generation can undoubtedly help you do much more.

For example, now you can get low-frequency treatments you usually get at hospitals or clinics practically anywhere using appccessories that combine traditional Oriental medicine and modern IT technology. You just need to simply attach the smartphone on the subject area of your body, and it will send out stimulation to the area according to the rhythm of a song or music being played by the smartphone. Since you can always change the music or the song, there is less concern about developing tolerance.

The new wave of such appccessories is arriving in COEX, Seoul, this month at Korea IT Accessory & Smart Device Show 2013, hosted by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning from 19th to 21st under the sub-title “More Than You Imagine!”. Appccessories such as Dr. MUSIC (above-mentioned low-frequency treatment appccessory), Smartwatch and cordless chargers will be exhibited for you to see and try, and lots of sales events will be held as well. You can register for free for this event if you register by 18th of this month on the Website “”.

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